A.C.P.™ (Advanced Composite Pool)

The combining of premium raw materials and our unique four stage manufacturing process creates a Aquatic Pools & Spas Hawaii of unequaled look and performance. Closed beam construction strengthens the coping around the pool, allowing for easier lifting of the pool and greater structural integrity.


Our Pools Are Built Using Today’s Technology

This means that you have the most innovative Inground fiberglass swimming pool on the market that is built to last a lifetime.

Inground fiberglass swimming pool chains for loading and unloading


We strategically fiberglass durable chains into the coping of our pools to ensure they are loaded and unloaded properly.


Honeycomb Supports

Honeycomb supports ensure that your pool will not bow.


Textured Steps & Seats

All of our pools and spas come standard with textured steps, seats, and floor bottoms for non-slip entry and exit of the pool.


Convenience Ledge

All of our deeper pools have a built-in convenience ledge to step up on for easy access around the perimeter of the pool.


Seats & Lounge Areas

Our seats and lounge areas are specifically designed to give you plenty of room in your pool to relax and enjoy time with your guests.

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